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Protection Tubes  
Protection Tube

We offers wide range of protection tube from mild and stainless steel to refractory oxide (ceramic) and also variety of exotic material including rare metals suitable for various applications.

The choice of sheath material depends upon the temperature and the process atmosphere.

Ceramic (non-metallic) tubes are fragile but have high chemical resistance; they can with high temperature(upto 1800°C in some cases).Metallic tubes most common stainless steel has mechanical advantage and higher thermal conductivity & can be used at temperature upto 1150°C. Ceramic tubes are superior when high purity is required to avoid sensor or product being contaminated at elevated temperature like in Glass industry.


We Offers various type of connector for thermocouple and RTD Circuits.

Connectors are used for connecting temperature sensors and extension or compensating cable with other.

Standard Connector These round pin standard connectors are ideal for connecting thermocouple & RTD Sensors and extension or compensating cable to each other. The pins are polarized to avoid an incorrect connection and the connector body is additionally marked for polarity.

Miniature Connector These flat pin miniature connectors are ideal for connecting thermocouple & RTD sensors and extension or compensating cable to each other. The pins are polarized to ensure correct connection.

In addition to offering a plug and socket, panel sockets and 3-pin versions are also available.

Terminal Blocks  
Terminal Blocks

We offers various type of terminal blocks for connection heads.

  • Terminal Blocks for Head Assemblies
  • Models for Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Elements
  • Material - Ceramic
Compression fittings

Compression fittings are used electrical conduit systems to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together.

We offers various types of compression fitting for use in mounting Thermocouples into thick or thin walls.

Standard (NPT) pipe thread are normally used for fitting but on customer demand and as per application requirement Straight thread with O-ring fittings are also made available in both brass or stainless steel. The O-ring is ideal for use in thin-wall applications, glass containers etc.

We also supply compression with ferrule fitting which ensure proper connection.

Explosion and Weather proof Head

Connection heads are used to connect temperature sensors and extension wires. They are easy to install, allowing access to the terminal block.

The thermocouple connection or terminal head provides a positive electrical connection between the thermocouple and extension wires and provides a means of attachment for a protecting tube and extension wire conduit. The head contains a terminal block for all electrical connections. Connection heads are available for every application. Typical heads include a cast aluminum cover head, ideal for applications which must be completely weatherproof; a polypropylene head for extreme corrosion areas, explosion-proof conduit type.