The First Temperature Sensor
Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

Treaded thermowells
Flanged Thermowells
Threaded Thermowells
  • Threaded Straight Thermowells
  • Threaded Stepped Thermowells
  • Threaded Tapered Thermowells
Flanged Thermowell
  • Flanged Straight Thermowells
  • Flanged Stepped Thermowells
  • Flanged Tapered Thermowells

In continuation to fulfill customer needs the company is also involved into manufacturing of thermowells and mechanical components and accessories along with other products .We are Equipped with a new efficient deep drill machine and plasma CNC Machine, we produce high reliability, all types of thermowells.

We are the only source in Saudi Arabia for long thermowells and can produce up to a maximum length of 1000mm at our facility . Various types of inspections are conducted throughout the process including dye penetration and hydrostatic tests to ensure the integrity of our thermowells. Available in every grade of stainless steel, non-ferrous and a variety of high temperature super alloys.

Sensortech is open for partnership and cooperation in area of production of modern and reliable thermowells and accessories. We hope that our products will attract your interest and you will wish to test it in your needs.